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This is the starting point that unites the modalities I propose

The body understood as intelligence that encompasses life in its entirety: physicality, emotions, spirituality, personal and family history, social and cultural context. And all this in reference not only to the present moment but also to the past, the origins, and to the future, the potential. Through my practices I invite you to pay attention to the body, to listen to it with acceptance to allow it to become the medium of what is happening within.

I invite you to stay in the body to sense what information and messages it carries, insights that are part of you and your world, that speak your language. It is precisely this feeling of familiarity that allows you to relax, to remain open and receptive; you thus learn to trust yourself, your true essence, and activate your natural and unique capacity for transformation to unblock those sensations settled in the body that absorb your vital and creative energy. To finally be what you have always wanted: authentic, free, vibrant.

I offer my practices to you who are searching, curious, willing to put yourself on the line to take a further step towards your liberation. You will often hear me say 'without pushing and without holding back'... it is essential that you take responsibility for listening to your potential but also welcoming your limits. When you can, give yourself that extra step to shake off the old habits and to discover something new; but do not force what you are not yet ready to understand and contain. Respect the time of fulfilment of what has yet to reveal itself.

Work with me in these ways

True Nature my signature programme | Movement Medicine individual and group programmes | Focusing individual programmes

True Nature

my signature programme

Movement Medicine

movement as a metaphor for life


deep listening to the body

My mission

is to activate your personal and unique capacity for transformation, starting with the perception of your body, and to accompany you on your journey of discovery, which at times can be tortuous.

I stimulate

curiosity, openness to the new and to the mystery of what has not yet been revealed.

I support you

in moments of resistance and encourage you when you would like to give up.

I rejoice

in seeing you blossom and witnessing your truest self reveal itself.

I am passionate

about life, about being well and about healthy relationships.

You will never hear me say

the word ‘settle’; I love to question rules, patterns, behaviour; to be able to decide what is best for me.

True Nature • True Nature •

The path to your true nature,
designed by a woman for women

Bringing out the beauty and uniqueness that dwells in each one of us: this is my dream, which I wish to realise through my programme True Nature, the path I designed for women who have drifted away from themselves and their own feelings. Often the causes are found in processes of change in places so deep and dark, that they leave us without direction: the end of a life cycle, a long process of transformation, a bereavement, a separation, an illness… My mission is to stimulate a renewal precisely in these moments when it is difficult even to take care of ourselves.


Through working with the body and its deepest feelings, you can rediscover your unique self and find the confidence to be exactly who you are; find your own unique and original style, adhering to your true nature, as free as possible from external conditioning; show your femininity, feel comfortable in your body, in your skin.

Do you have the heart to shine with your true nature?

The path I offer to you, first of all I created to take care of myself. It is the guide I wished I had in times of difficulty: tailor-made for me. After experiencing it and applying it to my daily life, I now offer it to you, to help you find your resources and feel better. I seek to bring about a change that starts from within, from the soul, that manifests itself outside, in the body; but if you think about it, it can also happen the other way round: how deeply does the way we treat ourselves and present ourselves to the world influence our mood and well-being? This is not therapy, nor is it fitness or nutrition, nor do I offer fashion advice. Through my practices we contact your truest self, we stimulate it to awaken and show itself in its uniqueness. Only then will you be able to say “enough!” to external influences and take care of yourself and your wellbeing by honouring your deep inner voice, bringing out your own, specific qualities.

What are the benefits of the True Nature pathway?

Improve your vital energy

By unlocking stagnating emotions and feelings, the level of well-being in your body increases

Gain more confidence

In yourself and in your feeling sense, strengthening your ability to say no to disempowering situations and relationships and to say yes to what makes you feel good; as in a virtuous circle, you regain trust in your inner voice, in your intuition

Take 360° care of your body

By distinguishing what is good for you from what consumes your energy, you also learn to take more care of your body's rhythms and needs

Communicate your truth

You stimulate desire and creativity in taking care of yourself and learn to communicate your feelings through fabrics, products, colours, clothes that make you feel comfortable and represent you deep inside

The tools to support
your change

The path I have created for you blends all the practices in which I have trained and, even before that, which I have experienced in my daily life. The basis is Movement Medicine, dance understood as free movement of the body, which stirs emotions and activates processes of change; and the deep listening to these feelings, their reception and verbalisation through Focusing. I also use Human Design and Aromatherapy. They allow me, in my individual work, to further support your well-being. Below you can explore these tools in more detail.


``If you don't dance your dance, who will dance it for you?`` (Gabrielle Roth)

Movement Medicine is a self-awareness practice, a movement meditation based on free dance, with the goal of bringing presence to yourself in the here and now to rediscover who you are and act it out in the world.


Through spontaneous and intentional body movements, free to follow what happens, building trust in the process, you move your inner world, activate transformation processes that dissolve blockages internalised over time and bring you closer to your personal expression of freedom.

Dance is a metaphor for life

If you do not live your life, who will live it for you? Movement Medicine invites you to experience yourself and get to know yourself through movements that start from your interiority and are expressed through your body, understood in its entirety of sensations, emotions, feelings, instincts and thoughts. With dance you design, you shape your intentions and your direction.


When you allow yourself the time to be in the sensations you perceive, paying attention to what emerges, with care, without diverting your attention, you re-learn to feel safe in your body and stimulate your deepest essence to manifest itself, that spark of uniqueness and authenticity that wants to be heard and welcomed to show itself to you and the world..

Are you ready to dance for your freedom?

Movement Medicine is a flexible methodology, born as a group practice but also suitable for individual work. In each meeting we work with one of the themes linked to its mandala: the four elements, the world of interpersonal and collective relationships, the relationship with the past and future, personal responsibility, harmony between body heart and mind; but also one of the universal qualities that belong to the human being such as self-esteem and self-value, the defence of one’s own boundaries, the ability to make choices, to discern what to accept and what to let go in life.


Each class is unique, an amalgamation of the energies of each individual in the moment, so it is through music and my facilitation that I capture the cues and offer inputs, invitations, possibilities so that you can capture this energy and give it form. I encourage you to dance individually but also in relation to others because the sense of community, of mutual support and exchange is fundamental to Movement Medicine. I invite you to remain open even when the feelings that emerge are strong, through small and large movements you give the body a way to release its tensions and relax. I accompany you in the awakening of your dancer, vitality and creative energy.

My passion for Movement Medicine

Movement Medicine is a practice founded by Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan in Devon, England in 2007. It originates from the free dance of Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms, but integrates elements of different disciplines with free movement: shamanism, hence the relationship with the world in all its forms; Gestalt psychotherapy, linked to the body and the history it carries with and on it; neuroscience; ecology, understood as a conscious choice of every action we take and the effects we have on the quality of life on Earth.


I trained with Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan and was certified as a Certified Movement Medicine Teacher in 2020. I have been the official translator of seminars held in Italy by them and other English-speaking teachers.


In addition to group and individual sessions, in-person and online, which I also conduct in English, I organise seminars and intensive weekends. I have also brought this practice into the social sphere at an addiction recovery community and provide workshops for a group of students at the Department of Human Sciences at the University of Verona.


I am a member of the Movement Medicine Association.


Listening deeply to the body, with attention and kindness

“The process of changing feels good. The change process we have discovered is natural to the body, and it feels that way in the body. The experience of something emerging from there feels like a relief and a coming alive.” (Eugene T. Gendlin)


Sensing deeply into your body, with attention and kindness, to bring awareness to something that is emotionally active in you. Through this self-listening practice, Focusing, you can awaken an ability that is innate in each of us, that of bringing your attention to an experience, giving it space, to recognise and welcome it.


You can establish a relationship with every theme and situation of daily life that creates discomfort and discouragement, in order to transform it: a deep anger that you cannot contextualise; an inability to act and make decisions; a conflicting relationship with food; the existence of relationships in which you do not feel seen and heard. But you can also bring awareness to and create connection with sensations of pleasure, calmness and relaxation: by allowing time to experience them, by enjoying them, you can root them more deeply in your cellular memory.

Can you take responsibility for a richer, more authentic inner life?

At the beginning of each session we identify together the theme that is active in you at that moment. After an initial phase of attuning your body to facilitate relaxation, you can get in touch with that specific sensation, feel how it manifests, what words and information it brings. You learn to trust, to listen with acceptance, remaining in perception without controlling or judging your deepest voice. From a situation of closure, of contraction, a bodily change occurs, a physical sensation of relaxation and openness. After gaining confidence with this type of listening, important information can also emerge, which is a very practical guide for your daily life.


My role is to lead you to relaxation, to help you stay focused on the subject, to mirror you and return the words you use to describe your sensations and allow you, by feeling them, to perceive what is happening in your body.


When you know your real needs, coming from your most authentic part, you can take responsibility for accepting and acting on them. You will no longer be able to pretend nothing is wrong… and your inner life will be richer, your relationships truer.

A practice to welcome your deepest needs

Deep listening through Focusing is individual and as such moves from your uniqueness, with total respect for your history, your language, your potential and your limits. It is a body-centred practice that leads to awareness and emotional healing. The founder was Eugene T. Gendlin, an American psychotherapist who observed how his patients gained more benefit when they were able to integrate cognitive therapy with the ability to listen and name bodily sensations and experiences.


I have been a Focusing Practitioner since early 2022. In addition to facilitating one-to-one sessions, I teach the methodology on a peer-to-peer basis to small groups of people who have gained a basic experience in Focusing. This helps each and everyone to guide their own practice.


A map for understanding the best ways for your growth

Human Design is a self-knowledge tool that provides individual and clear guidance on how to make good decisions and act in the world to realise one’s life design. It is a map that allows me to align facilitation to your specific way of relating to life, to support you using nuances in line with who you are. When you feel fully recognised and at ease, the transformation process is encouraged to manifest.

Fun fact!

I am a 6/2 emotional projector with the incarnation cross of alingment! If the language of Human Design is new to you, this means that my mission is to be a guide, a travelling companion who animates you to live your best life by aligning with your design.


Essential oils stimulate one aspect in the totality of body, mind, heart

Essential oils work on the body-mind-heart system and each one stimulates a specific aspect: depending on your needs and the particular moment you are in the transformation process, they increase energy levels, bring calm, improve physical and emotional conditions. I then choose the most suitable ones to support you in achieving your goal. I also use essential oils for massages that I practice according to the AromaTouch technique, having trained in early 2023.


I have chosen to use “doTERRA” (meaning gift of the earth) oils, with high vibration and frequency, because they are completely natural and respectful of the environment and the indigenous societies that cultivate the plants needed to produce them.

What are the stages of your renewal journey?

True Nature is an individual journey that we can carry out both online and in person. During the get-to-know-you interview, we agree on all the details, so that you can start your journey without doubts and in total acceptance.

It consists of six weekly meetings
of two hours each:

  • 1. Departure

    Trust your body and choose your intention carefully

  • 2. Shaking

    The first step is to release: shake your body and regain lightness

  • 3. Decluttering

    Let go of what is no longer needed in your life, outside and inside

  • 4. Knowing how to be

    The space you have created can accommodate a new vision: yours

  • 5. Centring

    Align yourself to your feeling sense in the present moment with body - heart - mind

  • 6. Re-discovery

    From a journey you always return enriched... integrate your new mandala

As part of the journey you receive:

My Welcome Kit

Which contains a letter of welcome to True Nature; a self introduction form; a 5ml doTERRA oil.

A journal

To accompany your journey and to which you can entrust all the emotions and feelings that emerge between sessions. If you feel you want to share something important with me, or something that particularly touched you, I am available by email.

Personalised Recommendations

Based on what has emerged along the way, at the end of the journey I will prepare your personalised 20-minute playlist and a shopping list (self-care, cosmetics, clothing) with products that are environmentally friendly, respectful of the people who produce them and you who use them!

Is True Nature for me?

Yes, if you feel a strong desire for renewal.

Whatever phase of life you are going through, if the urge for change is strong but you don’t know which direction to take, you can be accompanied on this journey towards improving your well-being.


Let’s start from the ground up: after a get-to-know-you interview, let’s define your goals together and plan your unique and personal journey of transformation. I offer you practical solutions to rediscover your true essence, your uniqueness; you can align yourself with your life trajectory by cultivating your innate beauty and love for yourself, towards your wonderful and original idea of freedom.


If life urges you to say yes and to flow, towards a transformation, towards the need to adhere more closely to your inner voice… Stop and breathe deeply. Take yourself by the hand and let yourself be accompanied along this fascinating journey to discover your inner world. It is already there, just waiting for you to meet it, with open arms.

For me, this is a desire for freedom, which is shared by the people who choose to work with me and which my practices aim to awaken.

I am confidently convinced that life desires the best for each of us. Yes, for you too! You are worthy of living with fullness, creativity and recovering that joyfulness that we often forget. Limits and fears are part of this fullness, embrace them, they are what make you unique.

And you, can you find the courage to choose to get closer to your true essence?


The investment for the course is € 797.

You can pay in full or in two instalments.

At the launch and until 31 August 2023, the price is discounted to € 597.

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