Tell me, does it also happen to you too to come to a stop in your life and then you don’t feel like restarting? If so, then we are not alone here

Dear Friend,

Is it true that life is made in cycles and phases?

I am always reborn in Spring. I know it by now, I have seen it happen over time, and every spring is a confirmation.

I’m talking to you about those periods when just everything inside and even around resets, interests wane, stimuli diminish or I don’t even notice them.

When life becomes automatic and is like the continuous straight line on a graph where nothing happens.


If you have also experienced these moments or find yourself right in one of them now, let’s stick together through this reading. Who knows, maybe we can support each other.


The year 2023 was an important year for me on many levels; a year in which so many new and beautiful events happened in my life.

In temporal order, I started my own website, my virtual home, which was a long and sometimes treacherous birth process for me.
I returned to my hometown, reconciling with my roots and setting up our house together with my partner. Who then later became my husband.

To make sure I didn’t miss anything, we took a long drive together from my small town to Dublin, where we live a few months out of the year. The road trip was part of a desire and challenge and was also the only way to take my cat Makkia with me.

All this in 2023. I felt charged, determined, happy and grateful.



Then, I didn’t realize that my body and my whole system were so tired and once I was settled in Dublin I collapsed, but instead of physically collapsing I folded in on myself and went into silence or rather into a creative hibernation, indulging in the dark light of winter.

“Dear Friend, does it seem possible that with all the good things in my life I’ve locked myself away?”


And so time flew by, functioning in life and at the same time pursuing my deep need for inner silence and basking in this hibernation.


Two considerations. It is not true that we are one-sided, that if one part of us does not work or is stationary, the rest stops. The rest continues.

It is true, however, that in this way the energy to live life in its entirety is fragmented and it costs more and more effort to be generative, to plan and to create. CREATING MY EXISTENCE every day.

And sometimes we risk going too far beyond our healthy boundary and we don’t know how to get back.


How did I get out of it?

Putting into practice LOVE FOR MYSELF.

Yes, I know, I hear you whispering or exclaiming: but no more of this concept of self-love!

You are right, there is far too much talk about it everywhere.

I invite you now to pause for a moment in your reading. And to do what all of us can do and yet always forget to.

Getting quiet and feeling these reactions in our body. If you can, lay your hand on your heart and belly. Feel your breath.

Feel where these words resonate with you, be specific with the details. Don’t be afraid to find out.


I’ll help you: do you feel contraction, closure, irritation or instead breath flow, do you feel warmth, softness, calmness?
Give yourself this time to listen to what is going on in you, even if you are not used to or cannot name what you are feeling.


This is where Love for you starts. In welcoming without wanting to change anything!


If you have read this far I give you my super congratulations!!!
My husband says that when I start with words and I’m inspired, I don’t stop….
Between us, he is right😉

Embracing feelings and emotions without wanting to change anything. A practice I always apply in daily life.
Sometimes even when nothing tickles or irritates me. I always do thisbecause it quickly helps me get back to me.

This is where I started again, remembering all the times in my life when I began again from the simplicity and essentiality of welcoming myself as I am, moment by moment.

I am also lucky, but luck is built, I believe, starting from an inner decision. The decision to want to be well and to be disciplined with respect to this decision.

If you don’t like the word discipline because it evokes effort and fatigue, you can always stop and practice listening. And why not? Also find your own version.

However, it has to do with the daily commitment of choosing what’s good for me; of choosing, each of us, our own version of good.


Soon we will drive back to Italy. In time to welcome Spring.
The Springtime of Life.

I am now ready to unveil what my allies have been:

  • my dear and truest friends who took me in without wanting to change me
  • my loves
  • dancing my silence, my inner winter and creative emptiness
  • listening deeply to the sensations in my body, day after day, week after week; giving them a name and a place in my being
  • Ireland’s strong and powerful nature (the wind, the sun, the rains and the endless rainbows)


If you know me a little bit or have met me now, I’m glad you’re here. Now.

Let me know if you have had or are having similar experiences.

You can write in the comments so we can be seen and welcomed in our beings.

Thank you and have a good spring.



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