BEING NATURE ~ June 22-23, 2024 ~ Tenuta I Maroneri – Drena (TN)


2-day experiential seminar in direct contact with your nature and the surroundings, in a place inhabited by ancient chestnut trees and nourished by the view of the Lower Trentino mountains


A time for you to explore the naturalness of your movement, in connection to your own rhythms and in exchange with those of the group and nature.


Our proposal stems from the meeting of our professions and from feeling the BODY IN MOVEMENT the heart of our work.


In this time together, Nature, with its welcome and rhythms will support us in our individual and group exploration.


Through CAM® (Awareness Through Movement) Eleonora will guide you to explore the ancestral movements of being human, to discover how as a child, through the use of your mouth, hands and feet you learned to turn on your side, on your belly, roll over…all the way up to walking.

Feldenkrais® Method, with Eleonora Croci, is a movement education approach that through gentle and pleasant sequences, respecting the person and his or her individuality, brings deep self-awareness.


With Movement Medicine® Ilaria will guide you to connect with the nature and naturalness of your movement, to stimulate its authentic and free expression and enhance your relationship with yourself, the group and the environment.

Movement Medicine®, with Ilaria Franchi, is a self-awareness practice, a meditation in movement based on free dance, with the goal of bringing presence to oneself in the here and now, to activate one’s uniqueness and share it with the world.


Set within a majestic centuries-old chestnut grove, “Tenuta i Maroneri” is the perfect place to spend moments of relaxation and connection with oneself immersed in the quiet of nature.




We look forward to seeing you!

Ilaria and Eleonora


All info and registration form at this link



start Sat 22/6 from 11 a.m.
conclusion Sun 23/6 at 12:30 p.m.


€ 130.00 seminar of which € 60.00 mandatory deposit
€ 65.00 overnight stay and breakfast in triple or quadruple room

Info & contact

Ilaria 349 4978834

Eleanora 347 1595526

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