Have a seat, I’ll tell you my story

What if freedom was in your hands?


For me it was.
My name is Ilaria, I am an optimist, creative, passionate about life, dedicated to wellbeing and healthy relationships.


Looking back over the stages of my story, the thread that has linked and still links the experiences of my life became clear: a continuous process of transformation, renewal and liberation.

I had practiced dance since I was a child, but soon I found that established steps and patterns began to feel too rigid for me.

Only when I could move my body freely did I feel a sense of joy, a sense of freedom and vitality.

I didn’t realise how distant I had become from my creativity.

But then, when I was feeling at my worst, I encountered Biodanza. Feeling that in the movement I was fine as I was, without having to be anything more, made me rediscover the joy I had felt as a child.


I therefore trained to become a certified Biodanza teacher. For five years I held classes in Verona, where I had moved in the meantime. I had formed a close-knit group that met weekly to share feelings and emotions in movement.

It was during this dark night of the soul that life brought Movement Medicine to me.

I could only rely on the mystery of dance, allowing it to guide me on this journey of transformation. I felt that this kind of free, exploratory movement, a meditation in movement, supported the break with old patterns that were no longer working for me. For three years I trained in Devon, UK, to become a teacher in this practice. Here I met like-minded souls.

What I was unaware of at that time, was the transformative power that dance had in my life.

Movement Medicine taught me that it takes a lot of discipline to be a free spirit, so I took responsibility for taking care of myself, my wellbeing, activating the specific and unique capacity for renewal that is within each of us.

Are you ready to begin your journey of transformation?

My roots are in Riva del Garda, on the beautiful Lake Garda…

My childhood was partly spent here and partly abroad. So was born a passion for travelling, for discovering cultures and languages different from my own, which still characterises me today.

When I was young, I moved to Germany where I worked for three and a half years in an international company, rolling up my sleeves and building my growth path.

I continued working in the corporate sector even after returning to Italy, looking for positions to reconcile travelling abroad and a passion for fashion that I had since I was a child. I worked for 8 years in an eco-sustainable accessories company, that were made from recycled materials. I attended tailoring courses, convinced that fashion is originality, experimentation, research, creativity and communication of one’s uniqueness. I am committed to ethical approaches in fashion, that are rewarding for all parties involved. After some time, I started to feel squeezed into that reality, overwhelmed by expectations. Inside I had the feeling that something was wrong, the feeling of not being enough and of being out of place.

Then all my certainties, including the teaching of this practice, began to waver again and a moment of inner creative crisis arrived.

This time the feeling of being trapped in a cage was more delineated, painful, embodied. I felt I could no longer stay in that reality but I did not know how to get out of it, I was walking in the dark, I could not find a direction.


I hit rock bottom when a strong inner urge led me to uproot my roots: I quit my job, sold my childhood home, ended an important relationship. I had no place to take refuge, no idea what to do with my life, nothing known to sustain me. I had lost myself.

I thus began to look for alternatives that were more in line with my feelings

And to experiment with new approaches that could help me on my path, such as

Focusing, Human Design and Aromatherapy

Over time, I integrated these modalities into my lifestyle: I use them to make decisions, resolve conflicts, understand my body’s messages… Now I put them at your disposal to expand opportunities to support your change.